Sezar: Modern Armenian cuisine in Melbourne’s CBD


While modern Armenian isn’t exactly the hottest cuisine popping up all around town like asian fusion, Sezar know what it does, and does it damn well. We visited Sezar on a Friday Night in a  group of four, excited to try a range of dishes.



Chee Kufta Beef Tartare

We’re huge fans of Beef Tartare (future posts to come on Felix Bistro and Nomad in Sydney…) and the Chee Kufta dish with radish and puffed cracker came highly recommended by a friend so we were excited to give it a go. While dining in a group of four is great to being able to try a range of dishes, it does also mean smaller serving sizes! I could have easily eaten the entire dish myself! The flavour was decent and the cracker provided a nice crunchy base. I probably prefer a more french style tartare though.


Spanner Crab Manti

The second entree we got was the Spanner Crab Manti – little crab dumplings covered in creamy yogurt soup and rich paprika butter. This was a delight, the sauce enveloped the light dough nicely, which carried the parcels of crab meat that burst out in the most flavourful way when you bite into them. Once, again, i could have easily eaten half of dozen of these parcels of deliciousness!




Spice Braised Beef Brisket

I love beef brisket, and this was no exception. The flavour from the spices of this dish were just beautiful. Being cut up into chunks potentially made it a touch more cooked than I would have liked, but it was still nice and tender. This came along with a pumpkin puree, a yogurt sauce and a parsley salad which balanced the richness of the spiced beef well.


Molasses Glaze Pork

The Molasses glaze pork with purslane, pomegranate and walnut salad. Wow. So glaze. Much tender. Such juicy. I loved this dish, and everything came together so perfectly. The pork just fell apart in your mouth with fat melting in the most divine way to create a beautiful richness. The sharpness from the citrusy side salad then cut through the richness to balance every bite. Definitely the highlight of the night!



Triple cooked potatoes

It was hard to go wrong with this side. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Seasoned with aleppo pepper, thyme and garlic that gave it a great flavour, even with the mains. The perfect carby accompaniment to saucy mains!


Smoked eggplant

This was incredibly flavourful, with the smokiness enveloping your mouth with each bite. The creaminess from the preserved lemon yogurt balanced well as well. One of the best eggplant dishes that I’ve ever had. Eggplant can often soften and lose its structural integrity when cooked, but this dish managed to preserve the tenderness and texture of the vegetable so well.



New Style Baklava

I’m usually not the biggest fan of baklava as i find it excessively sweet and syrupy, but this was definitely an exception. I almost thought we had been brought the wrong dish when it came over as it didn’t look like any Baklava i’d ever seen before! Then again, it was a “New Style Baklava”. This dessert comprised of a scoop of walnut toffee ice cream that was wedged between two sheets of filo pastry that had been fried to just the right level of crisp. This was then smothered in a salted caramel sauce and sprinkled with walnuts. This dish got the balance of both textures (the crunch from the walnuts and pasty with the softness of the ice cream) and flavours (richness of the ice cream and caramel with the painess of the pasty and salt in the caramel). Couldn’t have thought of a better way to end the meal!

Overall, this was a great dining experience, the ambience was great, the staff were nice and the food was excellent. Would definitely recommend coming in a group of at least four though so that you can try a range of dishes – although if you’re in a pair and happy to splash out, there is always the feed me option!

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