Ezard: Japanese Australian Fusion at its finest

Ezard is a two hat Asian fusion fine dining restaurant located in a sleek basement space under the Adelphi Hotel.  We came here on a Saturday night to celebrate my birthday. I’ve been here once before several years ago for a work dinner so was keen to come back and remind my tastebuds of the food!

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I started off with a glass of Pinot which was deliciously light and fruity. Annie ordered a lychee and rose cocktail that was nice and sweet, while also very aromatic thanks to the rose part of the cocktail.

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We started off by being served with some bread that came along with Ezard’s signature olive oil infused with parmesan, rosemary and garlic and a trio of dipping condiments: ground sichuan pepper and sea salt, chilli sugar, and a roasted nori and salt combo. Each has such a different flavour profile and it was an experience in and of itself to dip the bread in between each condiment.

Alongside the condiments and bread, we were also served an amuse bouche that consisted of some avocado mousse topped with some mandarin and puffed rice. A great way to cleanse the palate with a combination of creamy and citrus flavours!

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Moving onto the entrees, Annie ordered the roasted quail roll which came with pancetta, savoury pancake, bang bang puree, chilli cashew, wood ear funghi. This dish managed to combine a huge range of flavours and textures in the most delicious way. The quail itself was delectably juicy and the skin of panchetta added a nice salty crispness. The quail sat on a bed of bang bang puree that added a nice smooth texture to the dish and the chilli cashew gave the dish a satisfying crunch while adding in some heat, just for fun.

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Personally, I love my seafood so couldn’t go past the marron dish. The Marron was baked in a delicious glaze and was served with droplets of citrus gel, sheets of nori and a creamy puree. As with all crustaceans, biting into the marron has a satisfying springiness and almost crispness. The citrus gel added some sweetness to stop the richness being too overwhelming and the nori was a nice way to introduce some saltiness to the dish.

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The pork main was delicious – It tender and juicy from the fattiness that you know and love from pork and came in a roll of it’s own crispy skin which added great texture and flavour. It was served on a bed of fresh asian salad which consisted of raw bean shoots, torn vietnamese mint, chilli, thinly sliced onling and fish sauce. It was also topped with some sweet glaze. Each element in the dish came together so well. The fresh salad was both crunchy and also helped lighten up the heavy, fatty pork meat. Definitely a must-try for lovers of pork (like Annie!).

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I seem to be in a pattern of ordering duck at every high end restaurant i go to so kept the ball rolling at Ezard! The Chinese style duck was served on a bed of asian vegetables and topped with fermented chilli dressing, spring onion and came with a few pieces of fried japanese silky tofu. The sauce doused the dish and added a great coating of flavour to every bite. The little pieces of silky tofu were a delight to crunch into and explode in your mouth. It wasn’t the best duck dish I’ve had but was decent enough.

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Before dessert we were served with some mandarin sorbet which was a great way to reset out pallets. The sweet tartness of the sorbet was a welcome way to counteract the heaviness of our mains!

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Who doesn’t love a good dessert platter!? I always like ordering this every time it pops up on a menu as i love having a bite of everything – it saves the pressure of choosing just one dessert to enjoy! The dessert platter came with: a dark chocolate sphere, fromage frais cheesecake, confit lemon parfait, honey crunch ice cream and hazelnut financier and apple and rhubarb sorbet. Because it was my birthday Annie had organised to have Ezard do some plate writing which was a nice touch! My favourite dessert was the honey crunch ice cream, it had a great creaminess to it and the toffee disk added a great brittle crunch!

Overall, Ezard is a great place for a special dinner. It’s almost worth coming just for the bread and condiments, but the food, especially the dessert won’t let you down!

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