Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously: Asian fusion cafe with specialty coffee

Haven is a cafe situated near Central station in Sydney that does great Asian fusion brunch dishes and specialty coffee. We have been to this cafe a number of times and will share our experiences in this blog post.

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On the first occasion, we ordered four dishes to share. The first dish we ordered was the Β Pork belly kimchee burger, slow cooked pork belly, korean kimchee, cheddar cheese, apple, relish, sesame omelette and garlic aioli. This is their signature dish and is never off the menu and its not hard to see why; the pork belly is so tender and the unique flavour of the spicy kimchee is balanced out perfectly by the sweet apple.

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The second dish we tried was the Roasted plum parfait with seasonal citrus, coconut sago and fresh mint. This was a delicious and refreshing dessert dish, with great fruity flavours where the tangy citrus is contrasted perfectly with the creaminess of the light coconut sago.

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The third dish was the The G’morning Haven Big breakfast with avocado, broad bean pesto, cherry tomatoes, bacon, poached eggs and cauliflower and a balsamic vinegar dressing on sourdough bread. This was a delicious breakfast board, though probably one of their less interesting and unique dishes on the menu.

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The last dish was the Poached egg and fried popcorn cauliflower salad. This was probably my least favourite dish, I felt like it needed more flavour and it was a touch bland, but it was very healthy and nutritious.

On the second occasion, we came back to try a different menu and ordered three dishes to share.


The first dish we ordered was the Hokkaido Red Bean and Matcha waffle with coconut cream, matcha ice cream and a matcha sauce pourover. This is another classic Haven dish, the matcha sauce was very strong and authentic, I found it slightly too bitter but it’s a great dish for matcha lovers!


The second dish we ordered was the Moroccan salmon with beetroot cured salmon, roasted beetroot, pickled lemon, saffron infused cous cous and tahini yoghurt. This was delicious, the salmon was full of flavour and went nicely with the tangy lemon and the yoghurt dressing.

The last dish we tried was The sweet potato falafels with cauliflower and chickpeas hummus, pickled radish, lotus root chips and black sesame paste. My vegetarian friend ordered this and he enjoyed it, the falafels were delicious and the black sesame paste and pickled radish added great flavour to the dish while the lotus root chips added some nice crunch to the dish.

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We ordered two drinks, the fruity flavour 8 hour cold brew – this method allows a full and complete extraction of flavour and the drink came with almonds – and the Havenly affogato with vanilla bean ice cream, the coffees were strong and the ice cream contrasted well with the bitterness of the affogato, definitely worth a try!


As their menu is ever changing, we had to revisit Haven a third time when we saw some dishes on their new autumn menu we were interested in trying.

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We first ordered the Eel-ness; Japanese grilled eel, silky tofu scrambled eggs, black rice and sesame cake, house pickled Spanish onions and miso glaze. The grilled eel was full of flavour from the natural fattiness and it combined perfectly with the more mild flavoured light and fluffy scrambled egg/tofu combo.

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We also tried the Tagliatelle with house smoked salmon, prawn and squid ink sauce, egg yolk, perocino cheese and green pangrattato. This was a rather simple dish however we have had better squid ink pasta in other restaurants and noticed that the dish was simply cooked in squid ink sauce (be sure to rinse your mouth after you eat it!), rather than having it made into the pasta. Nevertheless it still tasted great though it could have had a touch more variety of ingredients.

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We also tried two drinks, the chocolate V60 pour over 8 hour cold brew with a side of currents and the Marilyn which was made of watermelon, honey, lemon and cold brew Mary Mary. The coffee was great, though the chocolate notes were barely noticeable and the iced tea was sweet and refreshing.

Overall, Haven is a great cafe for both coffee and brunch and we would definitely recommend a visit, especially if you love Asian fusion dishes! Β 

Haven Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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