Kreta Ayer: Singaporean/Malaysian dining at its best

Kreta Ayer is a Singaporean chain restaurant located in Kingsford, Chatswood, Eastwood and Ashfield serving great Singaporean and Malaysian food. It is named after the famous road of the same name in Singapore. We were lucky enough to be invited as guests to attend an event at their Kingsford branch and will share with you all the amazing dishes we tried.

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First we got started with the entrees and drinks. We tried four of their most popular entrees, the Ngoh Hiang Roll with crispy five spice pork and vegetables in tofu pastry roll, the beef satay skewers, the crispy homemade tofu and the pandan chicken marinated in coconut wrapped in pandan leaf. These were all so delicious, my favourite was the satay skewers, the meat was tender and the sauce was amazing, though the pandan chicken was also juicy and full of flavour.

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We also got to try a selection of their most popular milk teas, including the Forever Love (diced pineapple, mango sago and coconut milk), the Over the Rainbow (rainbow sago, jack fruit, rambutan and coconut milk), the Love You So much (grass jelly, almond jelly, green jelly and coconut milk), the Milo Gozilla (milo, ice cream and whipped cream) and the Passionfruit Green tea, where passionfruit syrup is mixed with fruits and basil leaf. Our favourites were the first two milk teas, the coconut sago was so light refreshing!

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We then were served a selection of their mains, with the star (or stars) of the show being the four mud crabs, the singaporean chilli crab, black pepper crab, curry crab and the salty egg crab. These were huge, my jaw literally dropped when I saw them being carried out one by one. While they were a mess to eat (although that’s half the fun!), the flesh was so juicy and flavours from the sauces and spices went well with the accompanying deep fried bread. My favourites were the Singaporean Chilli Crab and the Salty Egg Crab as I felt like the sauces worked best with the dishes.


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Next we were treated to the sweet and sour coral trout, some lightly steamed scallops with XO sauce, the imperial pork ribs with sweet chilli sauce and vegetables, and fried chicken. They were all great dishes, with my favorite being the pork ribs, the sauce was addictive and meat was juicy and fell off the bone while the fried chicken was so crunchy and tasty. The trout was a little sweet for my liking.

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We also tried some of their noodle and rice dishes, including the classic Penang Char Kway Teow, stir fried Singaporean noodles, fried rice, hainan chicken rice, as well as some vegetables which included stir fried long beans. These were all great and authentic and went well with all the meat and seafood dishes.

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Last but not least, we were ended with two dessert dishes, the silky tofu dessert topped with palm sugar syrup and shaved ginger, and Teh Tarik hot milk tea, which was slightly sweetened. This is a classic Asian dessert and tasted delicious, I was surprised I enjoy the ginger aroma as usually I am not a fan of that spice, but it added a nice warmth to the dish.

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We also tried the Ice Kacang, a renowned Malaysian dessert made with a mound of finely shaved ice sweetened with palm sugar syrup, topped with coconut jelly, red beans and sweet corn. This was so delicious and refreshing, the perfect way to end a great feast!

Overall, Kreta Ayer is a great restaurant serving authentic Singaporean and Malaysian food that is perfect for sharing with the whole family. A must try for lovers of Asian food!

Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as guests of Ompty Media. All opinions are our own.

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