Inferno Grill and Cafe: So much more than just a burger joint

Inferno is a burger joint in Maroubra serving high quality burgers, steaks, salads and desserts. We came here as a part of an FCBA event and were lucky enough to be treated to a wide range of their most popular dishes, which we will share with you in this post.

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We started off the meal by ordering a range of their signature burgers. The first burger was the Lord of the Fries, slow cooked beef, beer batter chips, American cheddar, aioli, caramelised onions, bacon and barbeque sauce. This was delicious, the pulled beef was tender and fell apart easily and chips were crunchy and nicely complemented with the sauce, which brought together the whole burger.

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The next burger we ordered was the Donald Mick Ronald; Double Meat, 4x American cheddar, lettuce, pickles, big yakk sauce. The double beef made this so indulgent and we could not even finish the extra slice of bread in between the meat! This was like a Big Mac on steroids (and with much higher quality ingredients!)


The last beef burger we ordered was the most indulgent of all, the aptly named Fatty burger; double beef, onion rings, fresh salsa, 4 x glazed bacon, 4 x American cheddar, special sauce and pickle on top. The onion rings were crunchy and the spices of the salsa added a great kick to the burger to counteract the heaviness, while the special sauce wrapped it together nicely.

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We also ordered two of their chicken burgers, the first was the Clucking Pig; crispy chicken, bacon, coleslaw, aioli and chilli, which was a simple but delicious burger. We also ordered the Pig Kahuna; Southern fried chicken, glazed bacon, coleslaw, chilli mayo, grilled pineapple and American cheddar. This was a more indulgent chicken burger, the chicken was so juicy and full of flavour and was perfectly contrasted by the sweet pineapple and sauces.

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We then ordered a few sides, including the oregano and feta chips and the greek salad. The serving of feta was extremely generous and went perfectly with the crunchy chips while the greek salad was nice and refreshing.

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My favourite side was however, the mozzarella sticks. The way the cheese oozed out when you pulled apart the deep fried stick was a glorious #foodporn worthy moment. I am a huge fan of cheese and this definitely hit the spot. 

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Last but not least, we also tried their homemade ice cream sundaes, the flavours we ordered were the oreo, tim tam, violet crumble and mint chocolate chip. These were decadent in the extreme, with chocolate sauce drizzled all over and generous chunks of chocolate and cookie in the ice cream. We were all so full at this point but managed to mostly finish off the ice creams.

Overall, Inferno Bar and Grill is a great local Maroubra burger joint that is so much more than just burgers, they also do great salads, grilled meats, sides and desserts. A must try for burger lovers and food lovers alike!

Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as part of a FCBA event as guests of Ompty Media. All opinions are our own.

Inferno Grill & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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