Mr and Mrs Anderson: Great new Hawthorn cafe

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Mr and Mrs Anderson is a new little corner cafe in Hawthorn, my local area, and it’s been on my list of cafes to try for a while now so was delighted to be invited to dine as their guest and sample some of their most popular dishes. We came in a group of four so that we could try a good sampling of their dishes that were designed by Lassa Povlsen of Supernormal, Cumulus Inc and Cutler & Co fame. We came in with high expectations!

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But first, coffee. The beans are from Axil so I found a lot of comfort in a coffee taste that I knew well! Between my friends and I we really put the coffee machine through its paces sampling the skinny flat white, long black, soy Latte and the espresso. All were excellent and I particularly liked that the espresso came with the cutest little jar of soda water to cleanse the palate before after the coffee. I’ve noticed a few places doing this and it’s a great touch. I would have liked it if the long blacks also came with some though!

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We also couldn’t go past trying one of their freshly squeezed juices and decided to go with the green alternative. It was delightfully fresh and a great way to wake up on an early Sunday morning! It was on the sweeter end thanks to the apple, so if you’re a really mean green machine smoothie that’s just kale and celery you might steer clear, but if you’re looking for a good alternative to the heavier shakes on the menu, then you can’t go wrong with this!

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We couldn’t go past their insta-worthy Brioche dish. The brioche is coated in caramelized dark chocolate, and served atop raspberry coulis and sorbet with fresh berries, candied walnuts, flowers, dark chocolate matcha truffles and crystalised dark chocolate painstakingly plated on the dish. The sorbet was a great way to add some contrast to the brioche in terms of its tartness, temperature and moistness. The berry coulis that was both inside as well as below the brioche added a great sweetness to the dish and the berries added some freshness to the dish. While I’m not usually not the biggest fan of sweet dishes like some *cough* Annie *cough*, I really enjoyed this as the sweetness was not overpowering or sickly like some other sweet brunch dishes that I’ve tried before. This dish is definitely a treat for those that jump at any excuse to eat dessert for breakfast!

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The other dish that you may recognise from instagram is their warm garden salad. Salads can sometime get a bad rap for either being too healthy and bland, or over-dressed and sickly. This salad was able to find a good balance and was as combination of herb barley, a gently boiled egg, roast butternut pumpkin, brusselsprouts, pickled carrots, pomegranate, shaved parmesan and horseradish buttermilk dressing. First things first, the mere fact that the salad was warm was a plus given the cold turn that Melbourne is taking! Each element of the dish was quite mild so it was a dish that had quite delicate, gentle flavour. The dressing added a nice subtle creaminess to balance the carrots that were quite tender from the pickling process and the pomegranate added a nice ‘pop’. It should also be noted that the barley base of the salad not only added a nice nuttiness, but also made for a more filling salad than most leaf based salads, so it’ll be sure to leave you satisfied!

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They say you can judge the quality of a restaurant by how they serve the simple dishes, and Mr and Mrs Anderson’s take on scrambled eggs hits the spot. Confit habenero is cooked into the eggs which are topped with queso fresco, gaujilo dust, corn, capsicum, black beans, spring onion and coriander. The habenero that is integrated into the eggs give it a kick to contrast the creaminess from the scramble and is very welcome on a cold morning and will be sure to get your tastebuds tingling and feeling warm. The salsa that is served on top adds a great freshness to the dish to stop it becoming too heavy and the overall seasoning of the dish is spot on – I couldn’t quite pick the herbs/spices used except to say that it was delicious!

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While they’ve gone and created their own dishes, they also pay homage to the cafe classic Eggs Benedict – but not without a bit of a twist! The pork is actually a slab of pressed pork shoulder which was nice and juicy and had great flavour, and the hollandaise is infused with leek and sage to add a bit more interest to the dish which is brought out even more with the fried sage. For the less adventurous, this is definitely a good option for those that just want a dish they know and love, but are open to some new flavours!

Overall, Mr and Mrs Anderson is a great little local cafe that plates up good quality and well portioned dishes. The vibe is warm and friendly and the ample glass takes advantage of the corner location and lets in lots of natural light for a cheerful atmosphere. I’m keen to come back again and try their lunch menu, and perhaps even one of their shakes!

Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as guests of Mr and Mrs Anderson Cafe. All opinions are our own.

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