Sokyo: Best breakfast buffet in town

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There are not many things that I would get up at 7:30am on a Saturday morning for. The Sokyo breakfast however is one of them. Situated in the Star, you may know Sokyo as the fine dining Japanese sashimi and sushi restaurant, however they also have an amazing Asian inspired Japanese breakfast too. The breakfast only runs from 7-10:30am, so it is best to make a booking and get there early if you want to enjoy their full selection, as they reserve seating for hotel guests.

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We arrived at the breakfast at 9am where we were given a choice of buffet for $28, a la carte dish for $22.50 or buffet and an a la carte for $38. While it was tempting to get the third option, it was a tad expensive and I knew I would be full from their buffet anyway, so I settled on the buffet option. Luckily one of my friends chose the a la carte option so we also tried one of their dishes from the menu.

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There was a selection of pastries, fruit, juice and coffee and a cheese board for continental breakfast, however they also had the Asian inspired hot breakfast selection of smoked salmon, congee and toppings and soba noodles.

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Their pastries were definitely a highlight, I got the white chocolate and matcha tart, the yuzu and custard fruit danish, the peach danish, the peanut butter ganache cruffin, matcha mochi and some mixed berry and granola yoghurt. My favourite was the matcha and white chocolate tart, the slightly bitter matcha was perfectly contrasted with the sweet chocolate. The peanut butter cruffin was also delicious and full of rich nutty flavour.


Their Asian selection was slightly disappointing and limited, I thought there would be more meat and dumpling dishes. The congee and noodles were good but nothing special. The a la carte dish we got was the Asian style Eggs Benedict with Streaky bacon, poached egg, edamame, brioche, miso hollandaise, ponzu pearls. This was really interesting, the miso hollandaise sauce was a standout and went perfectly with the bacon and poached egg.

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Overall, Sokyo breakfast was a great experience (if you can get up early enough!) and I would go back just for their dessert selection – one of the most extensive I have seen at a buffet breakfast.

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