Kingsley’s Woolloomooloo: A night of premium quality steak and wine by PepperJack

Kingsley’s Wooloomooloo is a premium steakhouse and restaurant located on the famous Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf. We came here for dinner on a balmy winter’s night and it was lovely to walk along the wharf and enjoy the view of the water surrounded by the silhouette of the Sydney city skyline.

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We were lucky enough to be invited to dine as guests of PepperJack Wines and participated in a wine and steak masterclass, before having a sit down three course menu, and we will share our experience in this post.

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To start off the night, we were served some entrees, including the Salt & Pepper QLD Prawns, with lime aioli.The prawns were delicious and the lime flavour gave the creamy aioli a great kick.

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Next came the sticky wagyu rib fingers with beetroot slaw and onion crisps. The wagyu was tender, as you would expect from a high quality steakhouse, perfectly complemented by the onion crisps which gave it a great crunch and the rich sauce pulled it all together.

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The next entree was the yellow fin tuna sashimi with daikon, edamame and wasabi dressing. This was my favourite entree, the tuna was so fresh and tender and while I am not a wasabi fan, this wasabi dressing was not overpowering and gave the dish a great unique flavour with a bit of a buzz.

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The last entree was the Charcuterie board which came with prosciutto, duck liver parfait, nduja salami and breadsticks, quince paste and olives. This was a great board, the proscuitto was perfectly cured and I am not usually a fan of duck liver parfait for I find the flavour too strong and intense however this one was subtle and mild and I found myself reach for it again, and it went contrasted by the sweet quince paste. We also got served some freshly baked sourdough bread and butter and the bread was soft and was a nice base for the other elements of the board.

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PepperJack’s winemaker Richard Mattner then gave us a masterclass about how the background of the company, how they make their red wines and keep it in good condition as well as how to pair their award winning 2015 Barossa Shiraz and their 2014 Graded Mclaren Vale Shiraz. Pepperjack is well known for their rich and vibrant red wines from the Barossa Valley, and since it’s release, their Shiraz has become Australia’s Number 1 red wine by value.

We got to try both wines, the Barossa Shiraz was rich and fruity, with hints of mocha notes as well as spice and cedary oak. The Graded Mclaren vale Shiraz is rich with concentrated tones of blue and black berry fruits blended with balanced oak and dark chocolate notes. It is best paired with the porterhouse and scotch fillet steak cuts. The fine tannins in these wines means they are not overpowering and while I normally prefer a light chardonnay or sauvignon blanc, I will admit I was won over by the reds that night, they indeed went perfectly with a good steak.

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Speaking of the steak, we also then participated in a carving masterclass lead by Hopkin River Beef’s Adam North. I could not believe my eyes when they brought out a huge piece of raw carcass to perform the demonstration on. It was definitely not the place to be if you are a vegetarian or vegan! Adam showed how to carve the different parts of the carcass depending on which cut of meat you wanted. I love my steak, so it was an interesting experience watching him explain and demonstrate the way he would cut a T-bone, a porterhouse and a scotch fillet, as well as warning us that the parts he was discarding were normally used to make sausage rolls and meat pies.

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We were then served the main courses which included two types of steaks. The first was the rib on the bone, which was pasture fed, grasslands with a marble score 2+. The second was the T-Bone steak, which was 120 day grain fed, Riverine Premium Beef, also with a marble score 2+.

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Both steaks were some of the best that I have had that were not wagyu beef, they were cooked perfectly medium rare and so tender and juicy. I slightly prefered the rib on the bone for I found that meat on the bone tends to be tastier and more tender and this was no exception, however both were good.

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We were also served a collection of sauces to go with the steak including bearnaise, mustard, chimichurri and tomato salsa sauce as well as sides, including thick cut steakhouse chips and iceberg, radish and blue cheese salad, which were all delicious and a good contrast to all the meat!

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Finally, we finished off the feast with a gourmet cheeseboard with four types of cheese; the Jacks English Club Cheddar, the Le Conquerant Camembert, the Manchego and the Fourme D’ambert buffalo milk cheese. My favourite was the camembert, I am a huge lover of creamy soft cheeses and this one was one of the best I have tried. The cheeses paired perfectly with the sweet flavours of the granny smith apple, quince paste, dried apricots and the crunchy walnuts on the plate as well as the fruit spelt crisp crackers.

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Overall, we had a wonderful experience at Kingsleys. The food and wine was amazing and we would definitely go back to try some of their other dishes. Would definitely recommend this restaurant to all lovers of steak!

Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as guests of PepperJack Wines and Soda Communications. All opinions are our own.

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