Ms Gs: Merivale Asian fusion dining in Darlinghurst

Ms Gs is an inventive Asian fusion restaurant by Justin Hemme’s Merivale situated in a spacious 4-level space with funky wall art and high ceilings. I had heard great things about this place however they are usually packed on Friday and Saturday night so we decided to venture to Darlinghurst for a casual Saturday lunch.

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To start off with, we ordered two of the Pork Belly sliders with carrot slaw and mayonnaise. This was a great dish, the pork belly was tender and full of flavour, nicely accompanied by the carrot slaw and creamy mayonnaise.  

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We also ordered the “strange flavour style” Burrata which came with sesame sauce, chilli oil, spinach & peanuts. This was also delicious, I am a huge fan of burrata cheese and this one made it the centre of the dish, with the sesame sauce and peanuts adding great flavour while the chilli oil gave it a bit of a kick.

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For our main, we ordered the Tom yum fried rice with snow crab, kaffir lime, crispy wonton skin and fried egg. I also enjoyed this dish, the fried rice was moist and full of flavour and there was a generous serving of crab, while the tart kaffir lime added some zing to the dish.

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For dessert, we ordered what is probably their most famous and indulgent dish; the aptly named “Stoner’s Delight part 3”; doughnut ice cream, peanut dulce de leche, peanut & pretzel brittle, crispy bacon, mars bar brownie, raspberry curd, potato chips and deep fried nutella. This was incredibly rich, we could barely finish it between the two of us! The peanut dulce de leche and mars bar brownie was thick and creamy and nicely contrasted by the tart raspberry curd. The potato chips, deep fried nutella and crispy bacon definitely added some unique flavours and textures. With all the salty and sweet flavours I felt like there was possibly even a little too much going on!

Overall, Ms Gs is a terrific Asian fusion restaurant in Darlinghurst with unique dishes and a great ambiance. Another great Merivale venue that we would definitely visit again!

Ms. G's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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