Sky Phoenix: Traditional Chinese dining in the Sydney CBD

Sky Phoenix is a traditional Chinese restaurant chain that serves both yum cha and a la carte banquet food. We visited the one in the CBD for a friends birthday and ordered many different dishes which we will share in this post.

FullSizeRender 18

For our savoury dishes we ordered the peking duck to have 2 ways, the first way is with warm pancakes, cucumber and sweet sauce and the second way was to cook the duck in rice and serve it inside crispy baked shells. This was delicious, the peking duck had a crispy skin and was tender, and went perfectly with the fresh cucumber and sweet sauce.

We also had the Sautéed Beef with Vegetables, Mushrooms and spinach and Pan fried meat buns. The sauteed beef went well with rice, while the mushroom and spinach were one of my favourite vegetable dishes. The pan fried meat buns was probably my favourite, the meat on the inside was delicious and I loved how the soup burst into your mouth with each bite.

FullSizeRender 12.jpg

For dessert, we ordered the pumpkin and black sesame bun and the panda buns with red bean inside. These were so cute, I really enjoyed the pumpkin and black sesame buns as the sweetness from the pumpkin went well with the black sesame. The panda buns were cute but as they only had red bean inside a white flavourless bun, I found them a tad plain.

Overall, Sky Phoenix is an authentic Chinese restaurant that has an extensive menu and lots of different dishes to order. Definitely worth visiting especially in a large group so you can try a bit of everything!

Sky Phoenix Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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