Bouche on Bridge: Modern Australian casual fine dining

Bouche on Bridge is a Modern Australian casual fine dining restaurant located on Bridge Street in the Sydney CBD with a head chef that has worked at Marque and Rockpool. We had heard some good things about this restaurant and came here on a weeknight for a nice dinner with some friends.

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To start off with we ordered the Eschallot tarte tartin with parmesan ice cream. This is one of Bouche on Bridge’s signature dishes and was certainly the most interesting dish on their menu! The flavours of onion and cheese were incredibly strong, I naively had a relatively large teaspoonful of the parmesan ice cream thinking it would contain salt levels akin to that of salted caramel. This was a big mistake and I had to reach for my water for it was incredibly salty. However, I found that when I put a dash of the ice cream on the tart, it went well with the crispy onion and pastry. I’m not sure if i’m totally sold on this dish, but nonetheless I enjoyed trying something different.

We also ordered the cured ocean trout with pickled cucumbers. This was a good simple dish, the ocean trout was full of flavour and the tart pickled cucumbers added a nice crunch.

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Next we ordered a main and a salad to share. We got the Roast lamb with pencil leeks, turnips & romesco sauce. This was a great dish, the lamb was roasted to perfection and so tender and juicy and went well with the romesco sauce which gave it a bit of a kick.

We also ordered the Asparagus and grain salad with duck egg. When the dish was served I thought I was eating some sort of insect, the grains almost resembled ants! The asparagus went well with the salty duck egg, nicely balanced out by the crunch of the grains.


For dessert, we ordered their signature “Ferrero Rocher”, a peanut-covered chocolate ball with chocolate mousse inside that rested on a bed of almond chocolate soil and malt ice cream.This was a great dish, I am a huge fan of chocolate and hazelnut based desserts and this was one delicious, the mouse was so rich and creamy, nicely complemented by its crispy outer shell and the refreshing malt ice cream.

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We also ordered the Poached nectarine & sorrel granita with crispy biscuit and honeycomb sorbet. This was a stark contrast to the first dessert and much lighter, with the poached nectarine adding a lovely tartness, nicely contrasting with the sweet and refreshing honeycomb sorbet.

Overall, Bouche on Bridge is a high quality restaurant that pushes the boundaries of Modern Australian eating. I have probably been to better restaurants for the price but it’s worth a visit if you are into interesting unique dishes and want to try something new!

Bouche on Bridge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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