Pillar of Salt: Brunch with a twist

Pillar of Salt is a cafe located in Richmond. A host of cafes exist in the area – not a bad strategy given that many brunch hunters that enjoy a sleep in can face enormous lines at Top Paddock and may well venture out to find another venue without a line. I’ve been to Pillar of Salt a few times before and will document the last trip there.


The first dish we ordered was the Nordic breakfast board which featured; vodka radish house cured salmon, emmental cheese, scrambled egg topped with roe, wood smoked salmon dip, rye toast, mustard sauce, dill aioli a pickled carrot salad. This is one of the more interesting breakfast boards going around given that it doesn’t include bacon! The pickled elements add an sharpness to the dish that you can choose to emphasise or balance out as you construct each bite.

FullSizeRender 8

The second dish we ordered was the 15th century cilbir eggs which consisted of two poached eggs served with roasted garlic and herb labneh, smoked paprika and cumin spiced burnt butter, and toasted turkish bread. We decided to take them up on their offer to include a side of sujuk which is a sausage similar to chorizo from the Middle East and Central Asia which was definitely needed to make the dish filling. The sauces were delicious and were soaked up well buy the toasted turkish bread that was provided.

Overall, this is a great cafe that serves up brunch with an eclectic range of influences. A must try for those keen for a brunch dish from left field!

Pillar of Salt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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