Don’t Tell Mama Shhh: Authentic Korean food in the suburbs

Don’t Tell Mama Shhh is a Korean restaurant located in Doncaster. It serves up all the usual suspects from korean cuisine; fried chicken, stews, savory pancakes. We came here one Sunday for lunch with a group of friends, keen to get our korean food fix!

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To start us off we ordered the Korean style Seafood and spring onion pancake. This was the perfect way to start the meal off. The seafood was nice and chewy, the veggies provided a nice crunch to the soft pancake and the spring onions added the right amount of bite.

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For mains we started with a round of korean fried chicken. It’s practically a law to order ‘KFC’ (korean fried chicken) every time you visit a Korean restaurant and this was no exception. We ordered half of the chicken ‘original’, covered in the restaurant’s secret herb powder. The other half we slathered in a sweet chilli sauce which added a nice hit of heat. This chicken was decent, it was fried well, and tender on the inside. I’ve had juicier fried chicken before though.

The second main we ordered was the cheesy flaming chicken; spicy stir fried chicken with melted mozzarella. This is another classic Korean staple that we couldn’t go past. The generous sprinkle of cheese over the top added a richness to the dish that counteracted the spicy sauce!

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The third main dish we ordered was the Beef Bulgogi which came served on a sizzling plate. This was delicious, the beef was tender and the sauce was tasty and covered the meat well.

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The final main dish we ordered was the dolsot bibimbap served in a hot stone bowl. This dish consisted of shredded Pork, assorted veggies that included spinach, bean sprouts, carrot, mushroom and zucchini, a fresh egg yolk and korean chilli sauce, all on a bed of warm rice. I liked how all the different elements combined together in the one bowl that continued to warm and cook the dish. The egg yolk was a decadent addition that added a nice richness. This was a decent bibimbap, but not the best I’ve had in Melbourne. We also really enjoyed the range of sides that came with our dishes!

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Overall, Don’t Tell Mama Shhh provides some decent Korean food and worth checking out if you’re in the area, even if just to see the unique decor!

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