One Tea Grill: Innovative Hawker inspired street food

One Tea Grill was made famous as a result of the night noodle markets where their ramen burgers spread across instagram like wildfire. They have an outlet at Hawker lane in Chatswood and we were keen to check them out. We visited twice, once for dinner and another time for a sneaky dessert and will share both experiences in this post.

The first time we visited was for dinner and we ordered three dishes. The first was the Ramen burger of night noodle market fame. The buns were made of ramen molded into patties and fried. These made for a decadent base. They were crispy and rich and added an interesting texture not often experienced in a burger. We chose a beef patty and this was complemented with the usual burger trimmings of tomato and lettuce. While delicious, be warned, this is a messy dish to consume!


The second dish we ordered was a trio of Fusion Sliders. The buns were made of ramen, sticky rice, and a matcha bun. Inside was a combination of beef patties and chicken fillet pieces. These was a great way to sample and compare the range of interesting bun substitutes used by the restaurant. While the burger fillings were pretty standard, the sauces used were matcha mayo and sriracha chilli sauce which added an interesting flavour dimension to the sliders.

The third dish we ordered was the Peking Duck Fries. The chips came loaded with shredded peking duck, duck sauce and a matcha dusting. These were some very saucy loaded fries. It’s best to share this dish and eat it fast so that the chips don’t get too soggy!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

The second time we visited it was for a quick dessert and we ordered the Ice Cream Fried Baogers. These were basically mini ice cream sandwiches where the bun was deep fried. The ice cream flavours were Black sesame and Lychee and were topped with a miso caramel drizzle. This was a decadent dessert, the contrast between the hot and crunchy buns with the cold and soft ice cream was quite the experience!

Overall, One Tree Grill serves up some interesting dishes. The flavours are a little unconventional so keep an open mind and come with an empty stomach – the dishes are very heavy!

One Tea Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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