Pizza Autentico: Italian all you can eat for $20

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Pizza Autentico is an Italian restaurant located in Surry Hills that is famous for their $20 Italian buffet. The premise is simple, diners sit at a communal table while a waiter will circulate the room with one dish at a time. For 90 minutes, you can join unlimited pizza and pasta from a range of 30+ pizzas and 10+ pastas and you can also order from an extensive range of drinks, salads and desserts from the menu. We love a good all you can eat so when we heard about this we decided to check it out for a casual Friday night dinner, entering with hungry bellies ready to be filled!

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We started off with some drinks, ordering the Pimms in Italy, which contained Pimms, Aperol, solerno blood orange liqueur, prosecco, lemonade, mint and orange. This was a delicious and refreshing drink, the orange tones were strong and provided a great citrusy taste.

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We then also ordered a salad with burrata, tomato and basil. This was an amazing salad, the burrata was so light and creamy, going well with the crunchy tomato and fresh basil, which provided great flavour.

After this, we were treated to 90 minutes of pizzas and pastas that went around the room, and we will share our top 5 favourites.

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The Spaghetti Bolognaise is a classic Italian pasta dish and this one was cooked to perfection, the pasta was richly cooked in the tomato based sauce and there were generous portions of the beef mince, which was full of flavour.

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Another stand out dish was the Sausage, mascarpone, truffle oil and rocket pizza. This was probably my favourite pizza, the sausage was tender and well cooked and the mascarpone cheese was so rich and creamy. However the ingredient that stood out for me was definitely the truffle oil, it infused the whole dish and brought the whole pizza together

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We also tried Eggplant with ricotta orecchiette, this was a great vegetarian pasta, I really enjoyed the light ricotta cheese and the well cooked eggplant. The orecchiette was full of flavour and well cooked.

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Another pizza I enjoyed was the Spinach, cheese and bacon pizza. This was a simple dish but the flavours of the fatty bacon worked well with the spinach, and the rich mozzarella cheese brought it all together.

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We then tried the Four cheese gnocchi; Gorgonzola, mozzarella, Parmesan, cheddar. This is their most decadent and stand out pasta and also one of my favourites. The gnocchi was soft and melted in your mouth and the dish was so rich and decadent, I am not usually a fan of blue cheese but I did not find the gorgonzola overpowering and really enjoyed the four cheeses, each one brought with it some unique flavour.

The rest of the pizzas and pastas are shown below, there were simply too many varieties to choose from and we were so full by the end of this.

Goats cheese walnut and honey pizza

FullSizeRender copy.jpg

Potato and sausage pizza

FullSizeRender 21.jpg

Zucchini and potato pizza

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Eggplant parmigiana pizza

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Penne arrabiata with spicy Napoli sauce

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Cherry tomato, basil, Parmesan pizza


Blue cheese and potato pizza

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Rigatoni with sausage

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Spinach and cheese pizza

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Capsicum and spicy sausage pizza

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We ended off our meal with their Tiramisu with layers of coffee soaked lady fingers and mascarpone cheese with biscotti and whipped cream on top. This was incredibly indulgent and authentic, I loved how the light and creamy cheese balanced out the slightly bitter coffee taste, with the  biscotti adding some crunch.

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Overall, Pizza Autentico is a great value and authentic Italian restaurant, I loved the cosy atmosphere and high quality and variety of food, would definitely recommend a visit for lovers of Italian food (which let’s face it, is everyone!).  

Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as guests of Ompty Media and Pizza Autentico. All opinions are our own.

Pizza Autentico Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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