Bare Grill: Burger, cheese and steak in Surry Hills

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Bare Grill is a burger joint in Surry Hills famous for its burgers, ribs and Raclette cheese, a semi hard cow’s milk cheese that is melted onto their dishes. We have heard great things about their food and vibe so decided to visit for lunch, ready for a carb and protein fest!

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To start off, we ordered the Epic mac and cheese; topped with pulled pork, bacon, liquid cheese, chipotle mayo, shallots and homemade BBQ sauce. This was a deliciously decadent dish, the pulled pork was tender and went perfectly with the tangy BBQ sauce, while the mac and cheese was drenched in liquid cheese, with the chipotle mayo adding a bit of a kick.

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We also tried one of their new dishes, the Cheeseburger spring rolls with beef mince wrapped inside pastry and mustard and tomato sauce. This is such a creative concept and was pulled off very well, the rolls were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with the mustard and tomato sauce adding great flavour.

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We then moved onto the mains, we ordered the Cure burger; double beef, bacon, hash brown, American cheddar, fried egg, gherkins and Bare sauce with jalapenos on the side and added raclette cheese onto the burger. The best part was seeing the cheese being scrapped off the wheel onto the ingredients. The burger was deliciously rich, the beef was tender and full of flavour and the hash brown added a nice crunch, while the Bare sauce was addictive.

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We also ordered their Steak and rib combo with rump steak, pork ribs, coleslaw, chips and mushroom and pepper sauce. This came in a generous portion and I enjoyed the ribs immensely, the smokey flavour really shone through and the sauce was finger lickin good. The meat was tender and fell off the bone. The mushroom and pepper sauce was also cooked very well, and went perfectly with the chips and steak, though I found the steak a little tough. The coleslaw added a nice refreshing touch to the dish.

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For dessert, we ordered the Gaytime Bare Shake. This was probably the highlight of my meal, I am a huge dessert fan and this was a freak shake on steroids. It consisted of a golden gaytime flavoured milkshake with a golden gaytime on top, candied popcorn, pretzels, whipped cream, hazelnuts, hundreds and thousands, nutella and chocolate sauce. I often find freakshakes way too sweet and intense, however this one found the perfect balance between the sweet toppings and a creamy, light milkshake, which meant that we were able to finish the whole thing between us.

Overall, Bare Grill is a great burger, steak and ribs restaurant, offering inventive and decadent dishes with a great atmosphere, perfect for lunch or dinner with friends. Would definitely recommend, if not for the cheese alone!

Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as guests of Ompty Media and Bare Grill. All opinions are our own.

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