Meet Mica: Asian Nordic fusion gem in Surry Hills

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Meet Mica is a brand new cafe in Surry Hills serving Asian Nordic fusion cuisine. Think premium quality Asian ingredients (I have never seen so much lobster and crab on a brunch menu) with exquisite fine dining plating and you’ll get an idea of the unique ambiance and fresh feel Meet Mica brings to the Surry Hills cafe scene.

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Mica, the owner, used to be an accountant but decided to pursue her dream of owning a cafe a few months ago and has never looked back since. With a head chef that used to work at Tetsuya and Intercontinental, we heard so many great things about this cafe and could not wait to visit and try the dishes that has food lovers of Sydney talking!

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To start off with, we ordered a latte and the V60 pourover. The latte was served with the cutest bear latte art and delicious and milky. The V60 pourover was brewed on the spot and very strong, perfect for coffee lovers.

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Our first dish was the matcha lava french toast with matcha milk foam, strawberry dust and seasonal fruits. This was my favourite dish and probably Meet Mica’s signature dish. The lava oozed out when I cut into the crispy french toast with the milk foam adding a sweet and creamy touch to a complex dish that comes together brilliantly. If you love matcha then this is definitely the dessert for you!

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Our second dish was the lobster congee, with lobster meat slow cooked in rice congee served with slow cooked egg, katsuobushi flakes, green shallot and ginger. This is certainly the queen of brunch dishes, the lobster meat was generous and worth its price tag and the flavour was infused throughout the congee. Definitely the queen of brunch dishes, this one is the perfect winter warming dish!

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Our third dish was the A bowl, with butter poached organic barley, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, charcoal chicken, butter corn, slow cooked egg and green shallots served with chicken dashi broth. This is probably one of the most nutritious and delicious brunch dishes I have tried. The chicken was so tender and full of flavour, with the shiitake mushrooms and slow cooked egg adding different dimensions to the dish. The spinach and organic barley were extremely healthy additions to a bowl that is definitely bringing its A game!

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Our fourth dish was the Lite Sammie’s Bento. This is Meet Mica’s own bento box with smoked salmon, mustard dill cream, pickled fennel and mixed greens, avocado, grilled zucchini, roasted pepper, spinach and pesto and Japanese egg roll and lettuce mini sandwiches with a side of edamame and fried lotus root chips. I loved how this is such a creative fusion style bento box with great flavours and textures, all three sandwiches brought their unique flavours to the dish and I loved the crispy fried lotus root chips.

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Our fifth dish was the porridge, with classic oatmeal porridge, yuzu, banana custard, seasonal fruit, coconut foam, and roasted almonds. I loved the fresh coconut flavour, balanced out by the creamy oatmeal infused with yuzu and banana custard, which added just the right amount of sweetness to the light dish. Another perfect winter breakfast dish!

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Our sixth dish is an all time brunch classic, the smashed avo, or as Meet Mica calls it, the Avo and Rye. However, Mica manages to make this exciting with limey avocado, heirloom avocado, and basil oil on rye bread. You can also add sides and we added a side of salmon which came beautifully presented in a rose shape. I loved how the avocado was infused with lime and the heirloom tomatoes were nice and crisp.

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Our seventh dish was the Fish and Dashi, which contains the chef’s selection of fish serve in a umami rich dashi with fish noodles, winter greens, spring onion, and fish cakes. This is the go to dish for you fish lovers out there, it is amazing how many different flavours and textures of fish there are in one bowl! I loved the noodles especially, they looked like normal noodles but were rich in flavour.

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Our eighth and final dish is a sneak peek into Meet Mica’s new spring menu, the Crab scrambled eggs served in a croissant. I loved this dish, the crab meat serving was generous and infused throughout the creamy scrambled eggs and the croissant was warm and buttery.

Overall, Meet Mica is a one of kind fusion cafe that aims to serve unique and beautifully plated dishes with Asian and Nordic influences. I loved the fresh ambiance and attentive service, it is definitely a welcome addition to the Surry Hills food scene. Would definitely recommend for all brunch lovers!

Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as guests of Meet Mica and Ompty Media. All opinions are our own.

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