Zesty Pizza: Quick and tasty takeaway pizza

Zesty Pizza is a local pizza joint in Hawthorn. It is your classic takeaway pizza joint serving up no frills food fast – keeping the focus on the food and ensuring your belly is satisfied. We visited one weekday night to try a bit of their entire menu and will share that experience with you here.

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To start off, we ordered a serve of their arancini balls. They were nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The aioli went well with the piping hot arancini. They were not the most flavourful arancini balls that I’ve had before, but they did a good job of whetting my appetite.

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The second entree that we ordered was the rocket and prosciutto salad with parmesan. The rocket was peppery, and there were decent servings of the prosciutto and parmesan to add flavour to the salad. We did have to toss the salad ourselves though which was a little bit of a struggle in the serving bowl.

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Onto the main event, the first pizza we ordered was the Bocconcini Lovers – Mozzarella cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, fresh spinach, bocconcini on a pizza based that was garnished with basil. This was a nice and cheesy pizza – you can tell as when you lifted each piece up, there would be generous trails of cheese strings! The flavours on this pizza were simple and straightforward, a good pizza for those that want a classic taste!

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The second pizza we ordered was the Tandoori Chicken – Mozzarella cheese, red onion, Jalapenos, marinated tandoori chicken pizza base that is garnished with coriander aioli. This was a more exotic pizza – the flavours were definitely not as traditional as the Bocconcini Lovers but the pizza was still delicious. The pieces of chicken were nice and tender, and the Jalapenos added a nice kick. The use of aioli also was great – it added a nice creaminess to the pizza.

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To end the night we ordered a serve each of the mango and chocolate mousse. The Mango was light and fruity – dairy free as well. The chocolate moose was on the other hand much richer and thicker – I personally enjoyed it a lot more but it really depends on what mood you’re in!

Overall, the food as Zesty Pizza is solid. The toppings are quality and the pizzas have great flavour. I would definitely recommend coming with some friend to try a few different flavours,

Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as guests of Zesty Pizza. All opinions are our own.

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