Lola Cocina: An authentic Spanish Tapas experience

Lola Cocina is a Spanish restaurant in Crows Nest, known for their tapas and all you can eat buffet. The chefs and owners have a combined 16 years experience in the hospitality industry of which 12 were spent working in Spanish and European eating establishments in Sydney CBD. We came here to try their all you can eat buffet which allows you to eat as much as you can during a 2 hour sitting time, as long as you order 2 tapas at one time and finish one round before you order the next.

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To start off, we ordered a glass of their house red and white wines as well as the Albondigas con Romesco, beef meatballs with rich pepper and nut sauce and the Pinchos de Pollo; grilled marinated chicken skewer. These were both delicious, the beef meatballs were tender and the pepper sauce gave it a kick, while the chicken was nicely marinated and full of flavour.

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Next we ordered the Chorizo Espanola; spanish pan fried chorizo with caramelised onion and Setas Con Ajoy Espinacas; sauteed mushrooms with garlic and spinach. These were delicious and complemented each other for the chorizo was rich and salty, which was nicely balanced out by the milder mushrooms and spinach.

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We then ordered the Haloumi La Parrilla; grilled halloumi and Pulpo a la Plancha; grilled baby octopus. I really enjoyed the haloumi, it was so creamy and rich and less salty than other halloumi cheese I have tried, it almost tasted like mozzarella, however I found the octopus a bit bland and tough.

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Next we ordered the Tortilla Espanola; classic spanish potato and onion omelette and the Calameres Al Pimento; Spanish spiced calamari. These were also great dishes, I really enjoyed the combination of potato, onion and egg and the fried calamari was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

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We then ordered a repeat of the chorizo and the Marinera Con Romesco; a mix of fresh seafood cooked in rich red sauce which was average, I did not really know what seafood was exactly in the mix and it was not very generously portioned.

FullSizeRender 16

We also ordered a repeat of the beef meatballs as well as the Croquetas De Bacalao; cod fish croquettes and some Chicken meatballs. The fish croquettes were nice and crispy, though I did not taste much fish inside and the chicken meatballs were nice and full of flavour, a little lighter than the beef ones.
By the end of the two hours, we were stuffed and rolling out of the restaurant. I would happily return, the dishes came out fast and the service was great, and for the most part, I thought the food was delicious and authentic!

Lola Cocina Spanish Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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