Three one 2 one: Professional Burger eaters and Shake drinkers only

I’ve has some outrageous burgers and shakes before but Three one 2 one takes it to the next level. Their burgers are stacked high, and their shakes, well, let’s just say you need to see it to believe it to believe it! I came here one lazy Sunday in a group and will share that experience with you here.

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The first burger we ordered was the Big Mouth spicy beef burger with double beef patty, smoked cheese, sliced pickles, bacon, potato gems, jalapeños, mac and cheese sauce on a red brioche bun. This was a mighty great burger, I loved the juicy patty and rich mac and cheese sauce, with the chilli adding a great kick! The smoked cheese was my favourite part of the burger – it added rich a rick smoky taste, a nice change from regular cheddar! This was actually so good, two of us ordered this burger!

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The second burger we ordered was the Golden Claws soft shell crab burger with red cabbage slaw, chilli and coriander with chipotle mayo on a charcoal bun. I love a good soft shell crab burger and this one did not disappoint! The soft shell crab was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and the chipotle mayo went perfectly with the cabbage slaw!

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The third burger we ordered was the Kick-ass mac and cheese. As the name suggests, this was a very cheesy burger! The burger patty came with double cheese, bacon, mac and cheese sauce, jalapenos and all the usual trimmings of lettuce, tomato and ketchup. This was a nice and rich burger – definitely one to eat with a knife and fork though!

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The fourth burger we ordered was the Jack do Rippa.  This came with jack daniel’s fried chicken, bacon, red cabbage slaw, red onions, pickles and aioli in a red bun. The chicken was deliciously crispy and went well with the crunchy slaw. The aioli added a niec creaminess too!

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Because this wasn’t enough, we also ordered a side of loaded chicken carbonara fried for good measure. The fries were topped with chicken breast pieces, crispy bacon bits, grilled mushies and a creamy carbonara sauce. This wasn’t a soggy loaded fries dish, but to be honest i would have prefered more sauce for that extra flavour hit.

Moving onto desserts…. now there are freakshakes, but then there are FREAKSHAKES. The shakes at Three one 2 one are not for the faint hearted. They are rich and thick, but more importantly, they come piled high with toppings.

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

To start with we go the Una Vaina Loca is hands down the most insane shake I have seen yet with m&ms, maltesers, fresh strawberry, nutella, area and salted caramel. It is stacked high with waffles, ice cream, ice cream cookie sandwiches, more ice cream and doughnuts. By the time i got down to the oreo based shake I was too full to finish it!

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

The second shake we ordered was the White Ninja which came with with Kinder surprise, white chocolate, peanut butter, m&m, walnuts, chocolate cake and chocolate walnut fudge. I loved kinder surprise as a kid and this was such a fun shake that took me back to my childhood. The actual shake was very peanutty which I loved – there was little bits of nuts that made it a thick with a bit of crunch!

FullSizeRender 8

The third shake we ordered was the Kiss Me Softly, Bacio ice-cream, cookies, oreo, and it even came with a mini classic almond ice cream. This was yet another super rich shake and i enjoyed having the ice cream to enjoy before digging into the shake!


The fourth shake we ordered was the wake me up. This came with coffee (hence the name) hazelnut, banana, ferrero rocher and an ice cream sandwich. I really liked the coffee taste of this shake! It balanced well with the banana flavour that always come out strongly in shakes.

FullSizeRender 10

The fifth and final shake we ordered was the la dolce vita. This came with tiramisu ice cream, kit kat, a kinder bueno, a kinder surprise and a doughnut. Once again, the kinder surprise was a welcome treat as it gave us a little memento to walk away with! This was obviously italian inspired and we enjoyed the flavours from the tiramisu.

Overall, this burger and freakshake joint is definitely one of the best one I’ve been to. The burger are top notch – I want to come back for their chicken burgers and have one on my own! They also have such creative shakes definitely worth putting your diet on hold for! Definitely the location for your next ultimate cheat day!

Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as guests of Three One 2 One as part of the Melbourne Foodie Hub. All opinions are our own.

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