Rengaya: High quality Japanese restaurant in North Sydney

North Sydney is known for its abundance of high quality Japanese food and Rengaya is a perfect example. Rengaya is a Japanese BBQ restaurant and  is known for its premium wagyu beef and seafood. This is one of my family’s favourite restaurants and we have been here many times and I will go through our two most recent visits in this post.

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We came here one time for my mum’s birthday and started off with the Wagyu Yukke; wagyu beef tartare served with finely chopped shallots, sesame oil, garlic and egg yolk on top. This is one of my favourite Japanese dishes, the meat is seasoned so well and so fresh, and when you spread the rich egg yolk all over the dish, it really brings it together.


We also ordered the salmon salad, which comes with chopped salmon, golden caviar, avocado, sliced onion and mixed vegetables, served with soy french dressing. This is a delicious salad, the salmon was nice and tender, while the avocado adds a nice creaminess to the dish, contrasted by the tartness of the soy french dressing.

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For our BBQ meats, we started off two servings of the Wagyu Ox tongue with salt and pepper seasoning. I am normally not a fan of eating animal tongue but this is so delicious, perfectly chewy and going well with soy sauce.

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We also ordered two servings of the MBS 9+ wagyu short rib. As the highest possible marbling rating, the meat was extremely fatty and tender. This is one of my favourite cuts of meat, once barbecued medium rare, the slices literally melt in your mouth.

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For dessert, we ordered the Japanese plate, a tasting platter with green tea creme brulee, mochi with sweet black syrup and shiratama zenzai sweet red bean soup served with tea. This was a decent dessert platter, though for the price I would have expected a larger creme brulee, which was my favourite part of the dish – it was so rich and creamy! I also enjoyed the red bean soup with mochi inside, though I felt that the black sesame syrup was overly sweet.

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On our second visit, we tried some of their seafood, ordering the premium sashimi selection with salmon, tuna, kingfish, oyster, prawns, scallops, scampi and squid sashimi. It was honestly one of the best sashimi platters I have ever tried, the variety and freshness of the seafood blew me away! I savoured every bite, the sashimi went so well with the soy sauce and a dab of wasabi.

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For our salad, we ordered the beef tataki salad with lightly roasted beef sashimi and garlic, on a bed of mixed leaves served with soy french dressing. This was another delicious salad, the beef tataki was perfectly seasoned, with the garlic adding great flavour.

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For our mains, we ordered the Yukke Bibibap with yukke beef, mushrooms, pickled vegetables, bok choy and seaweed on rice served in a hot stone pot. This was a good dish, though I felt like the yukke was wasted here, being served on a hot stone pot it quickly cooked and turned into tough and dry beef mince. The vegetables had good flavour though.

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For our BBQ meats, we ordered two serves of the wagyu chuck rib, which was another perfectly marbled cut of meat that melted in my mouth when barbecued medium rare. I found that these cuts were very rich and filling, so less was more and a few slices were sufficiently satisfying.

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We also ordered the Unagi Mabushi; chopped eel with japanese pepper, salmon roe, finely chopped shallots, egg and red pickled ginger on top of rice. I am a huge fan of grilled eel and this dish was delicious, the eel was quite fatty and this added some nice silkiness to the dish, although I did not really enjoy the pickled ginger.

Overall, Rengaya is a high quality Japanese BBQ restaurant that serves premium quality wagyu beef and seafood and a must visit for meat lovers who appreciate the finer things in life. The dishes are not cheap but I believe the quality definitely justifies the prices and the service is always great, as typical of Japanese culture.

Rengaya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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