Gou Sushi: Premium quality Japanese food in Central

Gou Sushi is a sushi train and restaurant located near Central station that serves high quality Japanese cuisine including sashimi, sushi, noodle and rice dishes. Diners can order off the menu and watch the chefs produce the dishes on the spot in front of you resulting in exquisite and varied Japanese dishes using the freshest of local ingredients. We came here for dinner on a weeknight and will share with you our experience.

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To start off with we ordered the Chicken Karaage which is deep fried chicken served with chilli mayo. The chicken was delicious, crunchy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside and the chilli mayo gave it a great and creamy kick.


We then ordered the Kaisen Donburi, which is like a poke bowl with seafood toppings on top of rice. This was a delicious bowl, the sashimi toppings included salmon, tuna, kingfish, scallop and squid, though both the toppings and rice was plain. I would have prefered the rice to be flavoured with Japanese vinegar as that would have added more flavour to the dish.

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Next we ordered their Deluxe Sashimi platter which consisted of Mulloway fish with plum sauce, Alfonsino fish with yuzu and pepper, Tuna with soy bean paste, Salmon with yuzu miso and Scallop with ponzu sauce. This was the highlight of the night, the variety and quality of the ingredients astounded me, the raw fish was so fresh and tender and the light touches of sauce made all the difference in adding a bit more flavour to the sashimi.

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We also ordered the Beef tataki which came with seared beef, red onion, seasonal veg, yuzu kashu, ponzu dressing. This was another delicious dish, I loved how marbled the beef tataki was, every bite melted in my mouth and the yuzu and ponzu dressing added a citrusy flavour to the dish.

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Next we ordered the mixed sushi plate which came with Salmon, Mulloway, Tuna, Flathead, Beetroot salmon, Octopus, Beef tataki, Crystal bay prawn nigiri and the Aburi sushi plate which came with Unagi, Eggplant, Seared beef, Scallop, Seared crystal bay prawn, Spicy tuna deep fried rice nigiri. These were two amazing nigiri platters and the best I have had all year at a restaurant, every piece was freshly made in front of you and I enjoyed watching our chef’s exquisite skills when it came to using the blow torch to sear the sashimi. The variety and quality of the platters were second to none, everything was so tender and full of flavour.

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To finish off an amazing meal, we ordered their dessert platter which came with matcha and black sesame ice cream, matcha strawberry daifuku with strawberry and sweet red bean with mochi, and the cheese spring roll with cream cheese, mascarpone cheese and red bean paste, wrapped in mochi and spring roll skin then deep fried. This was another amazing platter, the matcha and black sesame ice cream was authentic and refreshing while I loved how the sweetness of the red bean paste was nicely balanced out by the tartness of the strawberry. However, my favourite part of the platter was no doubt the the cheese spring roll. This was first time I have tried a dessert spring roll and it was certainly unique and blended elements of East and West cuisine perfectly. The cheese was so rich and creamy and I loved how crispy the outside was, the unique flavours blended together so well!

Overall, Gou Sushi is probably my favourite casual sushi restaurant in Sydney, the quality of the seafood is second to none and the plating is exquisite, I felt like I was transported to Japan for a night. It is a must try for lovers of Japanese cuisine!

Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as guests of Gou Sushi and Ompty Media. All opinions are our own.

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