Black Bar and Grill: High quality steak restaurant in the Star

Black Bar and Grill is restaurant situated in The Star serving the finest steakhouse cuisine with views of Darling Harbour. It is famous for serving “The World’s Best Steak” and for its high quality Angus and Wagyu beef and fresh seafood. We came here for my mum’s birthday and will share our experience in this post.

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For our entree, we started with half a dozen chilled oysters, freshly opened, served with red wine vinegar and shallot dressing. I passed on the oysters as I am not a huge fan of shellfish but Daniel enjoyed them, commenting on how fresh they were.

Snapseed 6.jpg

We were also served buttery brioche bread with butter. At fine dining restaurants we are usually served sourdough or brioche bread and I have to say the brioche was delicious and tasted like a croissant, it hardly needed the butter but then again you can never slather on too much butter! We ordered a bottle of Mount Pleasant High Paddock Shiraz to share as we thought Shiraz would go perfectly with red meat. I am not normally a fan of rich red wines but this was silky and rich with a palate that displays ripe dark fruit.

Snapseed 5.jpg

For our main, we ordered the 1KG 28 day dry aged ribeye, grain fed wagyu MBS5+ sharing plate, cooked medium rare. Unlike many of the MBS5+ wagyus, this steak had more character, it was slightly chewier than the incredibly high marbling score steaks but it was still fatty enough and the meat was high quality and cooked to perfection.

Snapseed 4.jpg

Our rib eye was served with house made steak sauce, dijon mustard, horseradish cream, harissa, chimichurri. We thought that they would have been more generous with the sauce, we had to ask for two refills between the four of us!

Snapseed 8.jpg


Snapseed 2.jpg

We ordered three sides to go with our steak, the Mac & Cheese with three cheese sauce and bacon crumbs, mushroom ragout, fine herbs, golden pastry and asparagus with lemon dressing and toasted almonds. All the sides were delicious, the mac and cheese was rich and creamy and the mushroom ragout was cooked well, with the pastry perfectly crispy, while the asparagus was light and healthy.

Snapseed 3.jpg

To end the night, my mum was surprised with complimentary chocolate cake for her birthday which was a nice touch. Overall, Black is a high quality restaurant serving premium steak and seafood in a buzzing atmosphere in the Star. I would definitely recommend this for special occasions and if you’re feeling lucky like we were, try your luck at the casino, you may just win!

BLACK Bar & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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