The Carter: A Jay Z and Beyonce themed bar and eatery

The Carter is a bar named after Jay Z and Beyonce in the Sydney CBD. They serve a range of bar food and drinks. FCBA held their xmas party here so we were invited to attend as their guests and will share our experience in this blog post.


To start off with, we tried the Kayne bbq corn, grilled corn cobs covered in house made mayo finished in Dorito crumbs. I am normally not a huge fan of corn on the cob for I find it to be blane but this was delicious, I loved the Dorito crumbs, quite a unique flavour!


Next we tried their Chicken wings, signature deep fried wings tossed in Beyonce’s hot sauce. I loved these wings, the sauce was so addictive and the wings itself were tender and delicious.


Next we tried their Halloumi Cheese honey Za’atar Crumb, pan fried halloumi with sweet honey and finished with zaatar crumbs. These are like arancini balls and I am a sucker for halloumi so really enjoyed them, the cheese was so creamy and rich and perfectly fried in the ball.


We then tried their Chilli beef and bean tacos with dirty rice and green goddess. These tacos were great, I enjoyed all the spices which added interesting flavour.


Finally, we tried their signature Organic fried chicken platter- buttermilk soaked chicken served with homemade waffles, and watermelon slices served with watermelon inspired hot sauce, maple syrup and ice cream. This was the highlight of the day and definitely the most interesting combination that I have ever tried. The chicken was so tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside and the waffles were delicious, going perfectly with the maple syrup and ice cream. The watermelon was a great touch, perfect to cool us down on a hot day!


We finished off the meal with this amazing Christmas themed red velvet and buttercream icing cake that was made by a lovely member of the FCBA community.


Overall, I really enjoyed the bar food menu at the Carter. They are a bar and club at night and serve a range of food and drinks and there is great ambiance and the staff are friendly. Definitely pop by if you are looking for a good night out!


Loveatfirstbite_aus dined as guests of FCBA and The Carter. All opinions are our own.

The Carter Sydney Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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