Kisume: Japanese dining at its best

There has been so much hype around Kisume since it opened. A modern Japanese restaurant  is the brainchild of the team behind Chin Chin. We had heard amazing things about this place so came here one night, excited to try it out.


To start off with we ordered the  Tuna Tataki with seared yellowfin tuna, wasabi tofu, chilli yuzu ponzu. The quality of this tuna was incredible, it melted in your mouth however I struggled to handle the wasabi tofu, it sure packed a punch.


Next we ordered their Salmon feature with assortment of salmon, salmon roe sushi and king salmon rolls. This was one of the best sushi boxes I have tried, every piece of salmon was fatty and perfect and the sushi rice was so fresh and soft.

Snapseed 4.jpg

Finally we ordered the Pork ribs with berkshire baby back ribs, and maple soy glaze and a side of white rice. The maple soy glaze was such a great sauce to go with the rice, it was sticky and sweet. The ribs itself were great too, tender and fell off the bone easily.

Overall, Kisume lived up my expectations. It is casual fine dining at its best, the food is not cheap but you do pay for quality. The restaurant has a lovely muted ambiance and I loved watching the chefs prepare the sushi.

Kisumé Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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