Salt Vine: Lebanese Tapas in Surry Hills

Salt Vine is a new Lebanese tapas restaurant in Surry Hills thats serves a range of entrees, salads, mains and drinks with Middle Eastern fusion flavours. We came here for lunch on a weekend, keen to try their unique dishes.


For my drink, I ordered the Yalla yalla cocktail with vodka, aperol, vanilla, passionfruit and bitters. This was a delicious and fruity cocktail and I enjoyed the flavours of passionfruit in it.


To start off with, we ordered the Avocado Zaatar Labneh with strained yoghurt, zaatar, avocado, sweet pickled chilli, toasted sunflower seeds and extra virgin olive oil. I loved this dish, the avocado was nice and creamy and the strained yoghurt added a tartness that was well complemented by the crispy chips. A simple vegetarian dish done well.



Next we ordered the Zaatar fries with garlic yoghurt, the portions were huge and the zaatar spices were a nice touch.


Finally we ordered the Syrian string cheese cigar with crisp pastry, string cheese, nigella seeds and tomato harissa. This was my favourite entree of the day, the pastry was nice and crips and  cheese was generous in portion, with the tomato harissa adding a nice flavour to the dish.



For our salad we ordered the Fattoush salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, mint, sumac, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and zaatar lebanese chips. This was a refreshing and light salad, I really enjoyed the lemon juice as a sauce.



For our mains we ordered the Chargrilled lamb shoulder with roast onion labneh and beetroot. I loved this dish, the lamb was so tender and full of flavour and the roast onion labneh was a nice accompanying sauce.



Our second main was the Scotch meshwi with scotch fillet, merguez spices, carrot puree and paprika butter. This was my favourite main of the day, the scotch fillet was cooked medium rare and very juicy and the paprika butter was amazing, so rich and creamy.



For our desserts, we ordered the Baklava ice cream with pistachio, baklava pastry, barberry and nuts. This was an outstanding dessert, the pistachio flavours in the ice cream were rich and nutty and I really enjoyed the crispy baklava pastry.



The second dessert was the Summer pudding with chilled milk sahleb, seasonal fruits, orange blossom, cinnamon and walnut. This was a much light dessert, the fruits made it nice and refreshing while the pudding itself was creamy and delicious.

Love At First Bite dined as a guest of Salt Vine. All opinions are my own.

SaltVine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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