Passiontree: A cute dessert cafe in Chatswood

Passiontree is a Korean dessert parlour in Chatswood that serves a range of desserts including bingsoo, sundaes, waffles and pancakes. We came here in a large group, keen to try out their creations on a weekend.

Snapseed 8.jpg


To start off with, we ordered their new cake sundae collection. We tried all four types, the rainbow, red velvet, chocolate and green tea sundaes. These were delicious, I loved the different textures in the glasses and the cake on top made it extra decadent but it was moist and quite light so the desserts were not overly rich. My favourite was probably the red velvet but I could honestly not choose between them, all were different.


Next we tried their bingsoo collection. We tried all four types, the strawberry, cornflake, oreo and matcha bingsoos. The oreo was rich and had strong chocolate flavour, the matcha was nice and authentic and had good green tea flavour, the cornflake one was most crunchy and interesting while the strawberry one was probably the least sweet out of all of them and added a nice fruity balance.

Snapseed 4.jpg

Next we tried their watermelon and taro bingsoos, which are part of their signature collection. The watermelon bingsoo was my favourite, it was just refreshing and simple on a hot summers day. The taro bingsoo was strong in flavour and had a nice crunch with the cornflakes, while the red bean added a sweetness.

Snapseed copy.jpg

Next we tried their matcha pancake stack. I loved this dish, the pancakes were so light and fluffy and the mochi was the perfect texture, nicely accompanied by the refreshing matcha ice cream and crunchy cone.

We also tried their banana waffles with caramel sauce. This was a heavier dish but I enjoyed the rich sauce and crunchy toppings, while the waffles itself was well cooked and had good texture.

Their macaron tower was a highlight, on it was a variety of their best selling flavours including pistachio, strawberry, chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla and banana and I am tempted to order it for my next special event.


Finally, we ordered a selection of their drinks including iced teas and frappuccinos. These were desserts in themselves, I think we had enough sugar that day to last us one week but it was certainty worth it, they were refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to our desserts.

Overall, Passiontree is the perfect spot in Chatswood to hang out with friends and try some of their amazing desserts and drinks. Would definitely recommend a visit!

Love at First Bite dined as guests of Passiontree and FCBA. All opinions are my own.

Passion Tree Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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