Quanjude: Famous Beijing restaurant opens in Sydney

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Quanjude is a famous Chinese restaurant dating back to 1864 that is known for their roast ducks. It recently opened up in Sydney in World Square and I was keen to check it out. The first thing I noticed was the amazing exterior and interior of the place, it was decorated in theme with ancient China and it felt like you were going back in time.

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To get started, we tried the Grapefruit and elderflower cocktails. I loved the grapefruit vodka one, it was sweet and not too strong, while the elderflower cocktail was slightly stronger.


We also enjoyed some prawn crackers, crunchy fried pieces that were a good snack.

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Next we were treated to the Beijing Roast Duck pancakes with shallot, cucumber and hoisin sauce. This was we were all here for and boy was it delicious! The duck was nice and tender and the skin was crispy.

Next we had the second way of eating Peking duck, with the Duck meat cooked with mushroom and vegetables in a lettuce cup. I loved this too, the duck was nicely marinated and the lettuce added a nice crunch.

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After that we tried some of the other dishes like the Pork and cabbage dumplings. THese were delicious, I loved the mixture of ingredients and the dumplings were fried well.

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We also tried their Vegetarian spring rolls with cabbage and carrot. These were a great dish and had plenty of flavour despite being vegetarian, and the skin was super crispy.

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Next we tried the Sweet and sour fish. This was a great dish, the fish was coated so it was nice and crunchy and the sauce was addictive.

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After this we tried the Beegar’s chicken, a Chinese dish of chicken that is stuffed, wrapped in clay, and slowly baked at low heat. It can take six hours to prepare a single serving. This was another great dish, the chicken was so nice and juicy and well marinated.

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Next we tried my favourite dish of the night apart from the duck, the Lime and wasabi prawns. The sauce was so amazing and the prawns were tender and fried nicely, this is a must try if you visit!

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We got some more drinks, this time aperol spritz to wash down all the food, this was nice and refreshing and fruity.

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We also ordered the scallops with salad and strawberries, the scallops were nice and tender and strawberries added a sweetness.

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The next dish was the prawns with vermicelli noodles, I loved these noodles they were so soft and soaked up the flavour of the prawns, which were tender and well cooked.

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We also had a duck stir fry with capsicum and mushrooms, this was another great way to eat the rest of the duck, with the meat giving the dish good flavour.

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The next dish was the salt and pepper whiting which was fried well crispy on the outside and the salt and pepper was simple but delicious seasoning that allowed the flavour of the fish to shine through.

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We also tried a vegetables dish with mushrooms, broccoli, bok choy and green beans. These are some of my favourite vegetables and was done very well, the mushrooms added good flavour.

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The last dish we tried was a bean curd and mushroom dish, which was another great vegetarian dish. The bean curd was so soft and carrots and beans added some variety as well.


For dessert we tried a few pieces including these Duck red bean buns, which were nice and flakey and the red bean had the perfect level of sweetness. They were so cute too!


We also tried the mochi with Red bean paste and its hard to go wrong with mochi, I loved this too.

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There was a fruit plate filled with fresh fruit which was a healthy end to the banquet.

Overall, Quanjude is definitely a welcome addition to the Sydney Chinese dining scene, they serve high quality authentic food, the decor is stunning and the duck is definitely one of the best I have tried and lives up to its reputation!


Love at First Bite dined as guests of The Society Group and Quanjude. All opinions are my own.

Quanjude Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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