Ho Jiak Strathfield: Authentic Malaysian cuisine at its best

Ho Jiak is a Malaysian restaurant in Strathfield and with a second branch in Haymarket. It serves authentic street style Malaysian food in a Hawker environment and they recently launched their new winter menu so we decided to check it out for dinner.

For our entrees we tried their Stir fried chicken wings with a buttery salted egg yolk mixture and curry leaves. This was amazing, the salted egg yolk had a perfect buttery flavour while the chicken was tender and juicy.

We also tried their Nyonya style deep fried whiting, the fish was nice and crunchy and pretty easy to eat and I loved the sauce!

Next we tried their Grilled lamb cutlet with sambal sauce. The lamb was so tender and juicy and cooked medium, which was perfect as it was slightly pink inside and the sauce added a nice kick.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

Next we tried their signature Indomee Buttermilk truffle. This was the best indomee I have ever tried, the truffle flavour was amazing and the buttermilk was nice and creamy. I am not usually a fan of spicy food but the spice in this was tolerable and added good flavour.  

For our mains we tried their Crispy Rendang with KFC chicken. This was literally KFC sauce in their signature sauce and boy did that take it to the next level! Simple but ingenious.

Next we tried their Steamed fresh lettuce cups and chinese mushrooms with garlic and oyster sauce. This was an interesting dish, I personally did not enjoy steam lettuce, preferring cold crispy lettuce but the mushrooms were delicious.

After this we tried their Stir fried wagyu with black pepper and oyster sauce. This was a great dish, the wagyu was tender and juicy and the black pepper sauce went well with the rice.

We also tried their Steam egg with prawn and mushroom, a simple but lovely dish, the flavours were really gentle and the egg was nice and creamy.

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

For dessert we tried their House made teh tarik ice cream served with a side of hot kopi. I loved this dessert, the teh tarik was rich in flavour while the coffee definitely balanced out the sugar.

The second dessert was the Black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk. I loved this too, the black glutinous rice had good texture and the coconut milk added a nice creamy flavour while a little bit of the syrup was optional, depending on how much sugar you like with it.

Overall, Ho Jiak is a great South East restaurant that has friendly, fast service and high quality, authentic dishes. Be sure to visit their new store in Haymarket or existing store in Strathfield and check it out!

Love at First Bite dined as a guest of the establishment and / or their representatives. All opinions are my own.

Ho Jiak Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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