Cafe Kentaro: A matcha lover’s paradise

Cafe Kentaro is a Japanese fusion cafe run by the owner behind Cafe Oratnek and does Japanese fusion dishes with lots of matcha elements. I am a huge fan of matcha so decided to come here for brunch one day to check it out.

We ordered some drinks and coffees to start before ordering some desserts and dishes to share. The desserts we tried were the matcha and white chocolate brownie, matcha lamington and matcha mille feuille. I loved the flavours in these, they had the right balance between strong but not overpowering.

Our first dish was the Signature katsu with 200g pork fillet katsu, cabbage, japanese bbq sauce, mustard. I can see how this is a popular dish, the chicken here was nice and crispy and tender and juicy on the inside and the sauce brought it all together.

Next we tried the Organic matcha soba noodle salad with poached chicken, spring beans and peas, water chestnuts, shallot, shiso, mint and wasabi dressing. This was a nice and healthy dish, the chicken was lean and the water chestnuts and shallots added a nice crunch to the noodles.

Next we tried the Mentaiko pasta with spiced cod roe, shimej, shiso, shallot, egg yolk, lotus chips and soy. I loved the spicy cod roe, it added a unique flavour to a simple pasta dish, transforming it.

After this was my favourite dish, the Omurice; tomato fried rice, peas, bacon, cheese, creamy egg omelette, dark miso mushroom gravy. I havent had omurice before and could not believe how delicious it was, the sauce ingredients here all came together perfectly while the dark miso mushroom gravy was just divine.

Finally we tried the Matcha french toast with banana chips, fresh strawberries, motcha coconut, hot matcha ganache. I loved the rich matcha sauce here, the french toast was nice and crunchy and the fresh fruit added a flavour contrast.

Overall, Cafe Kentaro is definitely the place to go if you love Japanese style brunch, they have an extensive menu with many matcha elements and the dishes are delicious and well presented.

Love at First Bite dined as a guest of the establishment and / or their representatives. All opinions are my own.

 Cafe Kentaro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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