Spice World: Taking hotpot game to the next level

Spice World is a hotpot chain of restaurants originating from China that has recently opened in Singapore and now, Sydney. They are famous for their creative and futuristic décor and dishes and I could not wait to try it out as a I am a huge fan of hotpot, especially during winter, to bring friends and family together.

The place has robot waiters that come around bringing you mints as well as a self serve sauce bar with over 20 sauces and sides and even unlimited watermelon and oranges.

We ordered a range of dishes, the first was the Wagyu barbie. Inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat dress, the wagyu is thinly sliced and very marbled and the presentation is very cute on the barbie.

They had a special where a plate of Prawns was for $1 which was such a bargain so we knew we had to order those. These were so tender when cooked and went well with all the sauces.

For our veggies we ordered the wild mushroom combo which came in a large basket, I love the flavour of mushroom in hotpot.

We also got some Fish tofu, vermicelli noodles and fried bean curd sheet which were good sides to go with the hotpot.

We ordered the two flavour soup base with Wild mushroom and spicy hello kitty soup. The hello kitty was another creative item, when chicken broth is poured over the soup base, which is imported straight from Sichuan, and boiled, the kitty melts into a spicy soup base, not for the faint hearted!

To finish we ordered the Durian and Sweet potato puff pastries for dessert. I loved these, they were so intricate and delicate but also delicious, the inside of the pastry was nice and sweet while the outside was crispy and crumbly.

Overall, Spice World is not just a novelty place, the food is presented creatively but it is also high quality and delicious and definitely takes hotpot game to the next level.

Love at First Bite dined as a guest of the establishment and / or their representatives. All opinions are my own.

 Spice World Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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