Kid Kyoto: A night in Rockin’ Kyoto

Kid Kyoto is a restaurant on Bridge Lane that does modern Japanese dining with an alternative rock theme. Inspired by a meal in a Tokyo restaurant taken to the strains of Nirvana, the restaurant is owned by the same people behind Mejico and Indu. I loved the Inari gates as you walk in, the place has a really cool vibe and we could not wait to settle in and try their dishes.

To drink we ordered Japanese whisky and the Sloe Lovin’ cocktail with Hayman’s sloe gin, Applewood red Okar amaro, St Germain & pineapple. This was a really unique drink, it starts off with sweet notes before leaving a slightly bitter aftertaste.

For our menu, we decided to go with the omakase. At $65pp, this was quite good value for the 8 courses that you get. We started with some smokey edamame with pepperberry salt and pickled cabbage. I quite enjoyed the different smoked flavours in this dish.

Next we tried the Kingfish ceviche with pickled watermelon, roast wakame & lemon aspen kosho. I thought this was a great dish, the ceviche was nicely cured and refreshing and the lemon kosho added a zesty flavour.

Next we tried the Smoking sansho salmon with wasabi pea & nori. This was not part of the omakase menu but we had heard it was one of their signature dishes so we ordered it on top of it. This did not disappoint, the salmon sashimi was so tender and the wasabi pea sauce added just the right amount of kick.

Next we tried the Silky braised eggplant with caramelised miso, bonito and Jerusalem artichoke chips. I quite enjoyed this dish, the eggplant was nicely flavoured with the caramelised miso and the chips added a good crunch.

Up next came the Carrot-aage, native pepperberry & orange kosho. The orange kosho sauce was very spicy but I did enjoy the carrot, though I felt it was a bit too plain as a dish by itself and not worth the price.

After this came the last entree, the Preserved lemon chicken tsukune with onsen egg ‘birds nest’ & chilli rayu. This was another signature dish that I enjoyed, the chicken was well marinated in lemon dressing and the onsen egg and chilli mixed together well to create a spicy sauce.

For our main, we shared the ‘Black hole sun’ pork belly, nori jam, apple & pickled radish. This was my favourite dish of the night, the pork belly was so tender and melted in your mouth and the sauce was also addictive, going well with the jasmine rice.

The accompanying salad was Baby cos with furikake, miso whipped tofu, cured yolk and crispy pancetta and while this was quite simple, the creamy miso whipped tofu sauce made it tasty and brought it together.

For dessert, we asked to replace the yuzu with the Calpis granita, strawberry eucalyptus sorbet, drunk honeydew melon & black sesame. This was their signature dessert so we had to try it and it did not disappoint, it was delicious and refreshing and I loved the texture of calpis granita, which went perfectly with the fruity strawberry sorbet.

Overall, Kid Kyoto is a great restaurant that is one of a kind and transports you to a unique place for a night. Its is not cheap but for a special night out with friends or date night, it is perfect. The ambiance is buzzing and the food is cooked well, definitely worth a try!

 Kid Kyoto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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