What I’m gifting for Christmas this year

Christmas is just around the corner and I am already giddy with excitement! It’s my favourite time of year, I love the warm summer days, gathering around with my friends and family over delicious food and of course, the giving and receiving of presents! Being super organised, I have already started preparing gifts and thought I would show you guys what little goodies I’m packing with them this year. 


I recently discovered the Instant Scratch-Its Christmas range and thought they were the perfect treat to add to a present, giving my loved ones a chance to make their holiday wishes come true. 

Click the link below to find out more



$1 Santa’s Helper 


These are the perfect alternative to gift tags with a to/from feature and pre cut holes to tie onto gifts and there are five different Aussie animals to collect. Here I have added one to a gift bag I’m giving to my best friend, can’t wait for her to open it and see if she won one of five $10,000 prizes! If she does, I will definitely be asking her to take me on a shopping spree!


Scratch its 1.jpg

$2 Seas n Greetings


These are perfect for tree decorations as they have a pre cut hole to tie onto the tree. They are also great for table settings and again, as gift tags. There are six different Aussie Christmas scenes to collect. I have included this as part of a gift for my brother, giving him the chance to win four top prices of $25,000! If he wins, he’ll be able to put that money towards buying his dream sports car he has his eye on…I know I will be his favourite sibling and first in line to take a ride in it. I love how fun (and super cheap) Christmas gifts are for the family to play together. 



$5 Warm Wishes


These are perfect to add to cards and also have a pre cut hole to add to presents and trees. They come in four different designs (blue, purple, green and red) and I have added these as part of a gift I am giving to my parents, giving them a chance to win one of two top prizes of $100,000! They LOVE the fun of these simple little gifts! Because that prize is so eye-watering, I have also decided to keep one for myself as a #treatyoself gift. I’m already dreaming of that family holiday to Europe we could take if we win. 


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